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2018 - TartaLife will join World Sea Turtle Day again!

16th of June TartaLife will participate with activities and sea turtle releases

The World Sea Turtle Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of marine turtles and their importance to the marine environment. The World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated on June 16, in honor of Professor Archie Carr, born on 16 June 1909 and a great scholar of these animals.

On this occasion, the TartaLife Project, funded by the European Commission through the LIFE + NATURA 2012 Fund, comes under way with a series of activities aimed at raising public awareness of the main risks that threaten the survival of the species.

With the participation to the World Sea Turtle Day, the TartaLife project intends to launch a clear message to raise awareness among the general public about the main issues affecting the conservation of marine turtles and the measures developed by the project: from fishing activities (reducing the incidental catches of longlines , Trawl nets and trammel nets), to the most mortality reduction, through the strengthening of recovery centers and training of fishermen and center operators, to the protection of nesting areas, which must be protected from erosion phenomena Coastal, mechanical cleansing of the areniles and, where necessary, the promotion of careful tourism and governance in harmony with proper coastal management. For this reason, at the World Sea Turtle Day, we invite all those who read and who care for the safeguard of marine turtles, adhere to the awareness campaign and activate to send, via social (facebook, twitter, instagram .... ), a picture of the turtle preservation: the problems listed are unfortunately many but the solutions are not lacking, just engage and be aware that the actions of each individual (whether citizen, administration, association, fisherman) are Important for helping the conservation of this species.

MTRC events


PN Asinara 

Liberation of the Veronica turtle, which was taken care of by the CRTM about a year ago following the accidental capture of a fisherman from Bastia (Corsica). In addition to providing extraction of a hook from the esophagus, the center's operators regularly treated the carapace of the specimen as it presented lesions and exposed a fractured vertebra. The release will take place on 16 June at 16.00 from the beach of the Saline, near the town of Stintino.

Contatti: Giovanni Vargiu, Alberto Ruiu 
Telefono: 3408161772; 079/503388


AMP Isole Egadi

There will be a release of a Caretta caretta in Marettimo, Sylvia, at 10: 30, while from 11 to 12 in Favignana, in the area in front of the new CPSTM housing set up at the Ex Settiment Florio delle Tonnare of Favignana and Formica the staff of the Center and the AMP will entertain children with recreational activities on turtles and marine ecology.

Contatti: Monica Russo, Giorgia Comparetto

Telefono: 328 3155313; 0923/921659 (AMP Isole Egadi) 



Fondazione Cetacea Riccione

Release of a turtle at 11:00 am at Bagno Obelix in Marina di Ravenna (RA). The specimen will be released after several months of admission to the CRTM in Riccione. The event will be preceded by a speech on environmental dissemination and on the conservation of sea turtles.

Contatti: Alice Pari

Tel. 3402305184



Provincia Agrigento

In concomitance with this important event will be held in Siculiana Marina different activities organized by the Free Consortium of Agrigento, Municipality of Siculiana and WWF-Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa. From 8.30 am to 10.00 am an extraordinary cleaning of the Siculiana Marina beach will be carried out, therefore from 10.15 am in the premises of the Environmental Education Center will take place the informative-training meeting "On the tracks of Caretta caretta", to facilitate the identification of traces of sea turtles on the beaches, which will also be invited by the Port Authority of Porto Empedocle, the Faunistic-Venation Division of Agrigento and various managers of bathing establishments. From 11.00 onwards, however, first appointment with the cycle of summer meetings of the Tartaworld program, the Free Consortium of Agrigento, which until the entire month of September will involve all the visitors of the beaches of Agrigento from Licata to Menfi, local residents but also tourists and administrators, according to a calendar that will be defined in the coming days by the Environment Department of the Free Consortium.        

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