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The Center for Recovery of Marine Turtles of Manfredonia was born within the Project LIFE TARTANET 2004 NAT/ IT/187. The location of the CRTM in the Gargano National Park was strongly supported by Legambiente, in view of the fact that Manfredonia houses one of the most important Mediterranean fisheries fleet . The activity data CRTM give reason the desire of Legambiente to establish the CRTM in this territory.
The CRTM has continued its activities without interruption since October 31, 2008, the date of the official end of the Project LIFE TARTANET 2004 NAT / IT / 187. From that date until today we have been recovered 730 Sea Turtles, of which 721 Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas 9, species considered rare in the Adriatic Sea.
The center of Manfredonia is authorized by MATTMA notwithstanding DPR 357/97 (Prot. 0037650 / PPNM of 31/05/2013 DIV II) to operate in the provinces of Campobasso, Foggia, Barletta-Andria-Trani.

Objectives of the Center:

The CRTM of Manfredonia has been active since January 2007. The Centre's activities have focused on some main lines:
-   Retrieve and monitor sea turtles victims of accidental catch by fishing gear, collisions with boats or strandings, and their release to the sea once cured (with the exception of eight specimens of the species Chelonia mydas, all turtles arrived to our CRTM belong the species Caretta caretta);
-   Recognition biometrics, physiological and biochemical parameters for sampling for genetic investigations, bank of plasma and serum bank and to be subjected to x-ray examinations;
-   Raise the awareness of the fishing industry;
-   Creating concrete cooperation with the Coast Guard, the naval fleets of Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, the State Forestry;
-   Establish working relationships with the Marine Protected Areas;
-   Establish working relationships with organized structures and institutions doing research in the field of nature conservation and biodiversity and implementing concrete projects of protection of nature, such as those already established with the University of Bari, in particular the Veterinary Clinic University, the Department of Animal Biology of the University of Turin, the University of Siena, Naples, Rome, Ancona, Genoa, Molise.
-   Design and implement environmental education activities with schools;
-   Train and sensitize local communities;
-   To publicize the activities of the Centre through the channels of information (newspapers, television, Internet) both local and national.


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  • Legambiente
  • Provincia Regionale Agrigento

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  • Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali
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