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Area Marina Protetta “Isole Pelagie”

The First Aid Center for Sea Turtles of the MPA of the Aegadian Islands is open 24 hours a year and is open to visitors. During the TartaLife project, numerous specimens of Caretta caretta are regularly recovered in collaboration with the harbor master's office, several of which are housed in the Center, cured and subsequently released. As for the Center planned by the project, the first equipment (triocular microscope and endoscope) was purchased in May 2015 and the Center was equipped with the RX room and the gaseous anesthesia unit. In 2017, 18 specimens of sea turtles were recovered, mainly C. caretta. The highest number of recoveries occurred before the beginning of the summer season, with 5 recoveries made in May and the subsequent ones in August and September (4 copies for each month) and in October with 3 recoveries recovered. The cases found were multiple and varied. Unfortunately, some specimens arrived at the Center with a fairly compromised clinical picture. Overall, the outcome of hospitalizations carried out in 2017 was positive, with 59% (10 copies) of animals rehabilitated and reintroduced in kind. At the Center, during 2017 10.278 people passed through, with a greater turnout registered in the months of July, August and September. During the opening hours, guided tours are regularly carried out to accompany visitors to discover the world of sea turtles and the work done at the First Aid Center. In order to achieve the goal of the transformation to MTRC, in December 2016 a consultation was initiated with the Regional Department for the Territory and the Environment for the assignment of premises within the Florio di Favignana plant and at the same time the project to strengthen the Center. In April 2017 a positive opinion was given by the manager of the premises and, subsequently, in November 2017 the competent Superintendency of Cultural and Environmental Heritage granted permission to carry out the work to adapt the premises. Between the end of 2017 and the first months of 2018 the necessary equipment was purchased to set up the operating room and the adjustment works were carried out at the outpatient area remaining in the main office of Palazzo Florio and the preparation of the new enclosure and teaching room in the prestigious Florio delle Tonnare Establishment of Favignana and Formica, now home to a museum of the tonnara destination of about 70,000 visitors a year. The new area created was inaugurated on 5 June 2018. In 2018, at the date of 31 July, 10 specimens of C. caretta were recovered.

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