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Turtles Rescue Center of Manfredonia Legambiente asks for support!

CRTM Manfredonia Legambiente has launched the alert for the turtles that are beaching in these hours in the Gargano and throughout the Adriatic coast.

Numerous strandings are occurring in these hours due to bad marine weather conditions.  Very small sea turtles (even less than a year and with a 10 cm of carapace) are stranded along the entire Adriatic coast, and due to their small dimensions they are difficult to spot on a beach. The CTRM Manfredonia Legambiente launched the alert for the discovery of these specimens: "If you find any, contact the nearest CRTM immediately (+39 347.5085535 Crtm Manfredonia Legambiente) or the Coast Guard 1530".

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