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XIII edition of the "National Conference of the Cetacean Studies Center"

December 14, at the Città Sant’Angelo municipal theater (PE) an important appointment for the conservation of turtles in the Adriatic

An important appointment, the one scheduled for next Saturday 14 December, at the municipal theater of Città Sant'Angelo (PE), which will host the XIII edition of the "National Conference of the Cetacean Studies Center", a day that will see the recovery centers involved sea ​​turtles (CRTM) present on the Italian Adriatic coasts to tell about their experiences and to compare themselves, also in relation to the application of the "Guidelines for the recovery, rescue, entrustment and management of Sea Turtles for the purposes of rehabilitation and for manipulation for purposes scientific ", issued six years ago by the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research). The conference will begin at 8.30am with institutional greetings. The task of opening the works will be the turn of Alessandro Lucchetti of the CNR of Ancona who will trace the path to an Adriatic network that can coordinate and improve the efficiency of the Recovery Centers, whose function - it is good not to forget - is fundamental in every respect of view, from the scientific to the environmental. The CRTMs will then, one after the other, become protagonists by recounting their experiences and also the positivity and critical points found in the concrete application of the Guidelines, six years after their issue. In this order, representatives of the Pescara Recovery Centers (organizer of the day), Riccione, Molfetta, Manfredonia, Torre Guaceto and Calimera will speak. Structures, managed by the WWF, Legambiente or other organizations, in which volunteering is always the master. At the end, Luciano Di Tizio, coordinator of the Turtles and Turtles Commission of the Societas Herpetologica Italica, will draw the conclusions that will certainly also be sent to the attention of the Ministry of the Environment and ISPRA: the guidelines themselves provide for their periodic updating and what better opportunity is there for an open discussion with those who have continuous opportunities to put them into practice?

In the afternoon, after the lunch break, there will be space instead for some in-depth information on the parasites, on post-mortem diagnostics and on the line, significantly defined as "an invisible killer". Finally at 4:30 pm the elective assembly of the Cetacean Studies Center, obviously reserved for members.

It will be a summary of an important moment of reflection for the operators of the sector, but also a precious opportunity for in-depth study for students and enthusiasts interested in protecting sea turtles made vulnerable by the continuous interactions of human activities that invade their environment.


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